TextPipe Standard

TextPipe Standard 9.9.4

Tool used to provide full end of line conversion

TextPipe Standard is a tool used to provide full end of line conversion between DOS/Mac/Unix files, and provides multi-file support. This tool provides you with a subset of filters at a reduced cost.

It can convert data that include HTML, XML and other structured documents from the WWW. It can also convert between DOS, UNIX, Macintosh and Mainframe formats, ASCII and EBCDIC formats, ASCII/OEM and ANSI formats, Unicode and ANSI formats and more.

TextPipe Standard has unlimited file size that is larger than 10 Gigabytes. This means that you can process all your files without using temporary disk space.

TextPipe Standard is fast and easy to use. It offers many ways to search such as the exact search that includes multi-line and binary character search, sounds like search, fuzzy search and many more.

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